Simple Yet Sophisticated Math Lesson Plans

Are you looking for something simple yet sophisticated? You found the right place! Simple and sophisticated math lesson plans are all educators' long time dream. And our dream is right here. Let's start learning about simple yet sophisticated math lesson plans!

Whether you are teachers or not, if you spend any time with children, you know how busy your body and mind are. When you browse commercial text books, you are almost terrified, having no idea where to start. Your mind races with fearful thoughts: Case 1: School Teachers; “My district doesn’t give us any training,” Case 2: Home School Teachers; “It’s overwhelming!” Case 3: Eventually everybody; “I like the old books better,” and “I’m not using it!” Wait a minute. Did you say the exact same things last time you saw something new? Aren’t there any resources that are friendly to our brains?

We want to maintain our energy at a high level in order to enjoy each precious moment with our children rather than tackling complicated materials.

That is why I wanted to create simple math lesson plans that anyone motivated can follow step by step. Each of my lesson plans has three different parts, like an ordinary story; beginning, middle, and end. The format is visually friendly.

Blank Sample

Day #: Topic of the Day

Lesson Target:

Process Activities/Expected Students’ responses Teacher’s Support
Understand the Goal(5 min.) Inquiry of the Day Display
Explore/Investigate/Solve(30 min.) Introduce









Conclude(10 min.) Journal Entry Presentation Encourage/Facilitate


• Play the game correctly

• Order accurately

• Use the comparison signs

Extension/Mastering Practice

• Explore extended version of the same game or advanced games

• Analyze in the same strategy as they used


• Worksheet is attached as needed in the lesson

Click here for printable PDF.

Click here for printable DOC.

I purposely avoided using too many pictures and colors so you won’t get distracted. Because of their simplicity, I can get enthusiastic about my lesson plans when teaching my students. If you want to tweak, adjust, modify, or add, based on your child’s ability, it is very easy to do so. You got it, yes, because it is a simple format.

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